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Why is it necessary to take help from a regulated immigration consultant?

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is the national regulatory body for all the immigration consultants of Canada. Every immigration consultant must be a member in good standing with ICCRC.

Acting as an immigration consultant for Canada without holding a valid license and/or unregistered in ICCRC is a criminal offense by law.

The applicant can be affected too. The application can be rejected or returned.

A regulated Immigration consultant is a licensed professional who has graduated from the immigration consultant course and has been properly trained to help you in all kinds of Canadian visas.

How to find out whether an immigration consultant is recognized by ICCRC or not?

Find out whether your immigration consultant is genuine from the link: http://secure.iccrc-crcic.ca/search-new/EN

What kind of help can I expect from you?

We will help you in each and every step of the whole process.

Would I qualify for Express Entry?

Not everyone qualifies for Express Entry. Canada has about 67 programs in total.

Assessment of your profile can help us to find out a program that you might be eligible for.

My colleague / friend qualified for Express Entry but I am not. Why?

There could be many reasons like differences in age, educational qualification, language scores, family composition etc. As stated in the previous answer, a single program does not fit all.

The assessment of your profile will let us know the program/s for which you might qualify for.

How much would it cost for the immigration process?

It depends upon the program that you would qualified for.

How much would it cost to study in Canada?

It depends upon the program and the college / the university you want to get into.

Can I get a job guarantee after moving to Canada?

No. Getting into a job entirely depends upon your skills. The employers in Canada always welcome the highly skilled ones.

The Canadian government offers help to the new comers by providing information about the job market in Canada and also provides a little training in the language proficiency and preparation of resume in order to get into a job.


Local libraries and organizations also conduct many programs for new immigrants.

How much time would it take for the whole immigration process to complete?

It again depends upon the program that you qualify for. Provincial nominee programs, generally, take little longer than express entry.

I have a minimum IELTS score required for the program. Would I qualify to apply?

You might get qualified to apply but you might / might not get selected i.e., you might / might not get an Invitation To Apply (ITA).
The language scores needed vary from application to application as the language score has profound effect on improving your overall score which is needed to get selected for the program.

I don’t have IELTS scores, can I apply for immigration?

Achieving minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is a must. We would always encourage you to get the best language score possible before you apply.

You don’t have agent in my country or the place I live in, then how can I contact you?

We do not have agents in any country other than in India. Most of the Canadian immigration programs are online. Hence you don’t need an agent in your country to contact us or to hire us as your representative.

Even if our agent is present in the place you live in, we recommend all our clients to contact us for any issue or concern they have (could be minor or major). This is because the agent must not advise any client on immigration matters (according to ICCRC and by law), be it a major advise or a minor one. So, even if the client contacts our agent for an advice, the agent has to contact us for the solution.

Hence we can assure that the client can get an advise faster if he / she contacts us directly rather than approaching an agent for any advise. The preferred communication would be through email or phone, but email is always preferred over phone as if we are occupied with another client, we might not be able to answer your phone call.

What is the guarantee that you would not cheat on me?

We are registered immigration consultants with ICCRC (a national regulatory body under the government of Canada). We have an obligation to submit the whole accounting to ICCRC every year for every penny we earn.

Our firm, Falcon Immigration Services, is an incorporation which is registered under the Federal government of Canada. We need to provide all the accounting to the government of Canada as well.

Can I pay your fee in installments?

Yes, there is a provision for installments.

Can I pay your fee after I get my visa?

As an authorized immigration consultant, I am not supposed to make these kinds of deals with any client. The fee can be paid upfront or in installments, but not after the visa is approved or so because the final decision to issue visa lies with the immigration officer only and no immigration consultant can have any influence on this decision.

Can you guarantee me that if I qualify, I would get visa?

No. Not only me but no immigration consultant can guarantee about your visa. As mentioned earlier, the decision to issue visa lies with the immigration officer and no one else.

Can I terminate the agreement with Falcon Immigration Services if I am not satisfied?

Yes. You can terminate the agreement with us at any point of time during the procedure. We will charge you accordingly.

After I get visa, would I have any obligation to provide any feedback or to post a review about your services?

No. There is no such obligation with us, but if you are really happy with our services and if you feel that you are one among our satisfied clients, then we welcome your testimonial for sure. Your testimonial will help other immigrants in deciding what is right and what is wrong because it is very difficult to find a proper and correct solution in this immigration journey.

Most of the immigration aspirants get confused which advise and whose advise to follow.

Your testimonial might lay a way for these confused immigration aspirants and help them in taking a correct decision.

Will you help me with settling in Canada after I move to Canada?

Currently, we have not yet started any such service for clients but we can assure you that we will do everything that we can.
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