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Study Permit

Canadian Universities and colleges are known worldwide for their quality in academics and training. Studying in Canadian universities is the dream of many students.

Points to consider while selecting a study program in a college or a University:

  • Is the institution recognized as DLI (Designated Learning Institution)?
  • The person who is helping you to get into a study program in Canada, is he/she a regulated professional? Does he have a license to do so?
  • Many students expect Open Work Permit after his / her studies. But is your institution and your program recognized for the same? Because not all the DLIs are recognized for Post-graduate work permit (PGWP). If you don’t get into a proper institution and a correct program, you might not be able to apply for Open Work Permit later.
  • Are you paying the fee as every international student does or are you paying more?
  • Does your program allow you to work while you study?
    Remember that earning a Canadian educational degree would open excellent career opportunities through the world and if you can work in the type 0, A or B during open work permit, you might be eligible to apply for permanent residence as well.

    If you are married and have children, while you are studying in Canada, your spouse can work on open work permit and your children can study in Canadian schools as well.

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