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Your dream to live in Canada might come true with Falcon Immigration Services.

There are more than 60 immigration programs to become a permanent resident in Canada. An assessment of your profile will let us know to which program you might qualify for.

Express Entry is not the only option
Hire us to get your profile assessed.
The initial consultation session is done via a video call.
After collecting all the relevant details that are necessary for the assessment, we will get back to you in day or two providing you with all the details of your profile assessment.
We work for about 2 days on your profile and will try to match your profile with all the available programs present in Canadian immigration. Once the assessment is done, we will contact you and let you know if you qualify for any of the programs. If you qualify, we will list out the programs that you qualify for. In case you don’t qualify for any of the programs, we would advise you how to improve your scores and meet the eligibility criteria.
We charge $100 CAD for the assessment.

Why do we charge for the assessment?

We are just like you. Sincere at work, reliable and do not work for free.
Once you hire us within 30 days of your assessment done, the assessment fee of $100 will be adjusted to the overall fee.

Have more questions? We will be glad to answer your queries.
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Allow us to help you in achieving your dream of living and building a career in Canada, the second largest country in the world.

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